"Selling our home of 30 years in Buffalo Grove was a very emotional & stressful time in my husbands & my lives.
Besides their wealth of knowledge in the world of real estate, Karen & Alan were a very calming force in this crazy time.... We were reassured when we needed to be, had our questions answered immediately, & in general made us feel like we were their only clients which of course is not true at all.
I would highly recommend this dynamic, knowledgeable, & caring team- Karen & Alan Danenberg!"

- Rita O.

"Wow...What a team! After meeting with several Realtors to help us in our downsizing plan i decided to go with the Danenberg Group. What separated them from the rest was their upfront, very detailed and professional presentation on the market analysis and price range that we could potentially sell our home. After we landed on a sale price, Karen stepped in and provided a very thorough "staging " plan. Gave us advice that probably would have cost thousands of $. After we were done, my wife and i looked at each other and asked ourselves why we were moving....the house looked that great. In fact it had so much curb appeal, that we sold it in 1 day! And not only did we get the high end, but had several buyers bidding and ultimately sold to a wonderful family with 2 little kids. We felt really good about selling to a young family after having raised our 3 kids in the home.

After the agreed price, Alan stepped in for the hand holding through contract , inspection and all the stuff that got us to closing. Seamless execution, with no added stress.

Now, having sold the house so quickly left us with a little problem...we needed a place to live. In stepped Karen with ideas based on our discussion on what we were looking for. Not only was downsizing a priority, but also looking for a more maintenance free living and lowering our housing cost. Since we plan to retire in a few years and want a property that we could just lock the door and come back in a few months worry free.

The tag was made and Alan pointed us toward a new construction townhome. It met our criteria: smaller, low maintenance (sold my lawnmower and snow shovel), close to shopping and entertainment, and cut our taxes in half!

We just moved in to our new townhome and couldn't be happier...its great to work with people who truly listen and get to know you and your vision, then make the dream happen.

This team gets a very solid 5 stars!"

- Dan B.

"Karen is quite the agent. She spent so much time with us. First we started out looking at single family homes, then she suggested townhomes. She is so caring and special when it comes to helping first time buyers like us. We were able to close on our townhome 2 months before our wedding. She even came to our wedding. Can't say enough nice things about Karen."

- Steve and Katie L.

"We were part of a relocation program and were given Karen Danenberg. She was great. Not knowing the area, she took me and introduced me to various towns. Karen listened to what was important to my husband and kids. Once we found our dream home here, she got us a terrific price. We just love it here and we will give her name out whenever we can!"

- Jen G.

"Karen Danenberg was our agent and really helped us a lot. She took the time to show us over 40 houses. It took a while because we wanted it to be right. She was so patient and understanding. We loved her!!!!"

- D & J S.

"I was referred to Karen to help sell my townhome. Thinking that it would be so hard, Karen assured me if I priced it right that she would get it sold. She did! Within 3 months my condo was sold and it was great. She had it on so many websites it really got noticed. Karen is the best."

- Laurie S.

"I cannot think of too many things in life that are more nerve-wracking than selling your house. So much of your life's memories and emotions are wrapped up in your home. For that reason alone, it's important to find someone you can really trust to be there to support you, give you the best advice, and take you through each phase of the sale and move.

I interviewed agents and talked to all of my friends and neighbors to find out who they would recommend - and to ask who they heard unflattering things about. I wanted to choose an agent who would be my go-to person, and not someone who would tell me what he/she could do for me, and then disappear so I'd be working with people on the team and not the agent. I heard great things about Karen Danenberg, and after meeting with her and Alan Danenberg, I knew I had found two people who had my best interests at heart.

Going through a home sale and move can be stressful and Karen and Alan Danenberg were beside me through the sale and the entire move. Karen and Alan went above and beyond in helping me get the house sale-ready, and helped me get the most money for my home. Karen has taken staging classes and knows how to make the changes in your home to best present it to anyone viewing it. She explained every phase of the process in clear terms that were easy to understand. I always knew what was going on. I understood what the contract said and what would happen at the closing. And if I had questions, Karen responded quickly to emails, phone calls and text messages. Alan was equally supportive and helpful.

In addition, Karen helped me find a fantastic place to live and made sure I was doing all the right things to ensure a smooth closing and move. She followed up to make sure I had done my homework, too, which is important because it's easy for things to fall through the cracks when you're busy packing. Just simple things like timing on when to contact the utility companies can be daunting during such a busy period. The closing went as planned, no surprises, the move went smoothly, and I am now happy and unpacking in my new place. I truly appreciate the time and effort they put into our partnership, and remain extremely impressed by them.

I HIGHLY recommend Karen Danenberg Group. Karen and Alan are honest, reliable, helpful, supportive people who know what they're doing and will work extremely hard to earn every penny for you as the seller, and for their commission.

Do yourself two favors if you're looking for a real estate agent. First, use Karen Danenberg Group, and second, do what Karen tells you to do! You can try it your way first, but it's a waste of time - she knows what she's doing!!!"

- Maureen B.

"We had a challenge for Karen to sell our home. We live with the backyard next to a train. She told us that every house sells and helped us price it correctly. At first we didn't listen and realized that Karen was right. We lowered the price and received an offer. We bought the house cheaper because of the train and Karen was correct. So, we were able to sell and buy our first house. I would recommend Karen Danenberg."

- Ayla P.

"Boy was Karen Danenberg great! She is so friendly and funny! She helped me find my first condo and I was picky. She's the best!"

- Brad C.

"I had 3 townhomes that had to be rented. A friend told me about Karen and within 2 months she found me the 3 renters. She ran their credit and was there for the walk-through. Karen really goes the extra mile for you."

- Michelle F.

"Karen sold our house in 9 days! Yippeee! I love her!!!!!"

- Bill S.

"Karen was so great at helping us not only sell our house, but let us almost do one-stop-shopping. She gave us a great attorney and loan officer. It all worked."

- Emily J.

"There are no words for how much you have helped me through this process. You went above and beyond and that will not be forgotten. There were so many times you stepped in and did things for me that I couldn't because I wasn't there. I really appreciate your loyalty and how you hung in there. You are pretty amazing. It was one of the best realtor experiences I've ever had. Thanks for everything. I will highly recommend you to anyone."

- Charletta K.

"Having Karen Danenberg on my side to sell my house was great. She sat Open Houses, did mailings and had us on the internet. Her sweet nature and eagerness to help was apparent. We heard from her all the time. She would pick up the phone and let us know feedback on showings and all the other info we needed to know. I would highly recommend Karen."

- Julie M.

"I was in financial turmoil. Karen helped me through a Short Sale. It was long and hard but she managed to get a good buyer. I was glad."

- Tim D.

Angela and I are delighted with the rental property you found for us. Without you our relocation from the UK would have been so much more difficult.
We really appreciate the huge amount of time and effort that you put in and your continued optimism, good humor and persistence during a sometimes frustrating search. Above all you were highly professional, offered great advice and never refused any request to view homes or meet at the weekend. This made it so much easier during a period in which I was travelling heavily both internationally and within the US.
We are very grateful and look forward to working with you again when we look to buy a home in a year’s time. Meantime we hope you will be able to visit us in our new home to meet the rest of the family and to allow us to thank you in person."

- Tony & Angela

"I was going through a messy divorce. I had to hire Karen to represent our home, then my ex had to OK her. He was so surprised because she kept both of us in the loop and was fair. We both were able to take her advice and not only did my house sell, but shortly after that I finished the divorce. Yeah!"

- Debbie H.

"We were so stressed at the thought of listing our house and selling it. Karen was not only someone with a wealth of knowledge, but guided us and helped price our home to sell. It only took 46 days..she was amazing."

- Glenn J.

"I was so naive about buying my first condo. Karen took me every step of the way and never made me feel that I had to pick a house - she took her time. She is great at her job."

- N. Tong